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Don't be like most people that get to the end of their life with this number 1 regret.  

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How do you use it? How does it work? Who is it for? And why does it cost only 3USD dollars? 


What is the

3D Life Vision™ template?





Welcome to Dezzein International - 'Where the World is your Oyster.'

Headed up by Liz Lions in Sydney Australia, our mission is to help everyone around the world to be able to easily design, manifest and live, their 'richest' life - as we're all here for our own unique purpose. 

What will your best life look like?

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Check out our store for our range of 3D Life Vision™ products and programs.

The 3D Life Vision™ process is a very simple and effective way to guide you to design, attract and  maximise all aspects of your life. Programs are designed for individuals, as well as tailored programs so you can create your vision with your loved ones! 


Liz Lions, creator of the 3D Life Vision™ template provides training to help you maximise the 12 aspects of your life  at monthly online webinars, workshops and/or other events.

"Everyone should know this information'. 'This is great'. 'Really great inspirations'. 'Such a great concept that is both simple and effective'. 


Have Liz Lions, Founder of Dezzein International and creator of the 3D Life Vision™ process, speak at your next event. 

Described as 'very knowledgeable and engaging' 'always shares great stories that are relatable and back up examples','Liz will provide huge value and content to any event'. 

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Fred Fishback, Industrial Psychologist, Billionaire 

'This process really resonates with me because early on in my career I assessed top executives in the pinnacle of their careers.

When asked what they would do differently if they could go back and do it all again, the two most common answers were for those that hadn't finished their college education were really bothered by it, and secondly, and by far the top regret, was that they hadn't spent enough time with their children and family when they were much younger.


We only get one wonderful gift of life. This is brilliant.'  

'I have made vision boards in the past that were primarily a bunch of nice pictures representing what I wanted. Much of what I asked for I got, to some degree, but other parts did not transpire and after doing the Lions [3D Life Vision] process I realise why.


Going through the process  of analysing the current state of my life and areas that needed attention has really helped me create a much more balanced vision for my future'. 





Clarissa Mosely,


' 'I didn't realise the power of the 3D Life Vision™ template until I started to get stuck in'. 


 It really helped me capture my imagination and life vision, and clarify it in a framework. I have so much more clarity now on where I'm going. 

I especially LOVE the interactive feature. 

I've done a lot of goal setting in my life but have never come across anything like this. I am so much more excited about my future!'  


Kat Millar,

Business Coach  

Start designing

your new life with the 

3D Life Vision™ framework 


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"Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe".  

- Oprah Winfrey- 

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