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Is this you?


  • You feel stuck in your life.

  • Frustrated that you are not moving forward and every day feels like ground hog day.

  • You feel out of balance and you don’t know why or what you can do about it.

  • You want or need to make life changes and just don’t know where to start.






Did you know?


  • That the top regrets of people that are dying when they look back on their life are:

    1. ‘I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me’

    2. ‘I wish I hadn't worked so hard’

    3. ‘I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings’

    4. ‘I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends’

    5. and that ‘I wish that I had let myself be happier’?

  • That the top regret of retirees is I’d wish I’d save more money in my 20s and 30s.

  • And that the one of the most horrifying feelings in the world is meeting a person you could have become?



Using the brand new 3D Life Vision™ template.

Just 3 pages, 3 dollars, 

and personalised for you. 


The reason I'm sharing this is because, 'There is one thing worse than death itself, it's a 

REGRET filled coffin'. J. Cole


Wouldn't it be great if.... 

  • You could rewind time and live a life where you fulfilled all or most of your dreams, or

  • There was a way to ensure that we could get older without making bad decisions, or

  • There was some kind of life map that could help guide us to make better decisions about all aspects of our lives, whilst ensuring we live a life that's true to ourselves?




(except for the part about rewinding time!)


The Story Behind the 3D Life Vision™ template.

Hi, my name is Liz Lions. I am the creator of the 3D Life Vision™ template, Founder and International Director of Dezzein International. 









My first introduction to personal development came when I taught self-esteem skills to elementary school students in Banff in Canada. I found this incredibly rewarding seeing the children's confidence and belief in themselves grow.


Shortly after, I returned to Australia and was invited to attend conferences featuring successful Australians who were top in their field including best-selling authors, top sports men and women, first lady to ever sail around the world solo, body language experts etc. I learned many valuable life lessons that I hadn't learned at school, including what was possible and how to make it so. These highly successful people used visualisation techniques to manifest what they wanted to achieve, along with training, until it became their reality.


I decided to use those techniques to manifest what I wanted to attract into my life. I soon found that doors would open - or sometimes I had to create those doors – and over time those visions become my reality too. These included buying my first unit, securing a job the Sydney Olympic Games and even meeting my tennis player idol!

Fast forward ten years or so I found my life was off balance, I didn't feel fulfilled and I didn’t know why. So I started up my personal development journey once again. This time I attended the Ultimate Success Summit with Richard Branson and Anthony Robbins, going on to complete Life and Wealth, Real Estate, and Business Mastery programs. 


It was during this time that I came up with the idea of creating a simple life map /  template and process to make the broad framework of this information available to everyone around the world - regardless of their gender, race, socio economic status etc. 

It was a 'no brainer' to combine the idea with visualisation techniques so that everyone can make informed decisions about their life and start to manifest what they really want, and the things that will make them fulfilled.  


But little did I know after I created  this concept, I was about to face even tougher challenges in my work life which really affected me.  However, by using the 3D Life Vision™ template and process, I chose to focus on different aspects of my life – because I was now clear on what they were - and strengthened and even excelled in some, and as a result I was able to get through an extremely difficult time of injustice for me.


Now I want to give back and share my concept with the world – so anyone can design and manifest their life too.  



Just imagine...

  • Making decisions that are aligned to what you really want rather than wasting precious time, money and energy on the wrong ones.

  • Having a crystal clear guide to help set your visions in all aspects of your life - not just financially, so that you'll draw them into your life and achieve them which enables you to live a fulfilling life.

  • Being able to easily see what is missing from your life, so that you are guided to find the missing aspects that will give you the greatest fulfilment.








The entire process was clearly explained, it was all mapped out for me, and it took so much uncertainty and pressured off that I could finally just focus on what I wanted to create.

Tabith Leitner,


I love that I can see my whole life on one page, and it helps put everything into perspective. When one part of my life isn't going right, I now know I can focus on the other aspects, as well as create my vision for the future'.  

Ash Wall,

Criminology Student

'I have made vision boards in the past that were primarily a bunch of nice pictures representing what I wanted. Much of what I asked for I got, to some degree, but other parts did not transpire and after doing the Lions process I realise why. We actually need to think about what is really for our highest good. Going through the process of analysing the current state of my life and areas that needed attention really helped me create a more balanced vision for my future'.

Clarissa Mosely,


Now, if you’re serious about living a life filled with joy, fulfilment and that's true to you …


I would like to invite you to design your life with my 3D Life Vision.

Devices & Book.png

The 3D Life Vision™ template is a 3-page framework, centred around 'your heart', personalised to you.

The three pages are comprised of frameworks for your: inner self - your internal beliefs and values; whole life' - broken into 10 different life aspects; and your outer self - that is, the way you are present yourself to the world. 


The template is supported with a workbook and guided meditation and guides you to create a life that is true to you, and not the one that you think others expect of you.

Watch the video here to see how it works:

The 3D Life Vision framework works both on conscious and subconscious levels, so when you've finished your template and established what you want for all the different aspects of your life, you can:

  • make better decisions aligned with your life vision

  • build your resilience 

  • focus on areas that are most important to you

  • be more creative and spontaneous 

  • manifest your life vision 

  • live a life that is aligned with your values, purpose, and what you want in your life

  • have no regrets! 

We use a map when we want to go someplace – why not do that for our lives?


We also understand that we change and grow through different personal experiences, which is why we encourage you to update your life vision every year. You'll also see how far you've come.


Dear friend,​

The best feeling in life isn’t about living a ‘fake’ or ‘I’ve made it’ kind of life to impress friends,

but to live a life that's true to you and become the person you're meant to be ...

… to build deep connections with people who matter,


and contribute your purpose to the world.


And the best part is…

you can do this simply and affordably  because I want to make sure it's available to everyone.  😃

Good luck with creating your new life! 


3D Life Vision 3 Page Template

3D Life Vision Premium Bundle

3D Life Vision Complete Journey

Devices & Book.jpg
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1 x Personalised downloadable PDF

+ interactive version of the

3D Life Vision Template




1 x 3D Life Vision Template

PDF + interactive version

1 x 3D Life Vision Workbook

2 x Guided Meditation Tracks

1 x Educational Webinar




Coming Soon....

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I’m very confident that my 3D Life Vision template 

is going to benefit you.


We have had the pleasure of Liz speaking on our stage to a room packed full of Sydney’s highest level entrepreneurs. Liz is an engaging, dynamic speaker who delivers high value content. Liz has the experience and experience to ensure she is a highly valuable addition to any speaking engagement.

Jeremy K Streeter,

Founding Owner, Intelligent Millionaire Network Sydney

Liz’s message about designing one life from the heart made a lasting impression on me. She's an energetic and enthusiastic speaker, with a real and authentic message. Thank you, Liz, for sharing your lioness heart with us in South Africa!

Marina Kotze,

Entrepreneur, South Africa

I have never before done a vision board although strangely it has been an intention of mine to do for many years. I am very lucky that this opportunity came up with Liz and Julia. The entire process was clearly explained, it was all mapped out for me and it took so much uncertainty and pressure off that I could finally just focus on what I wanted to create and make that the most important part of the process.

Liz spoke wisely and well explaining the entire process and whys and pointing out tips on how to maximise the process while Julia brought incredible clarity and clearing through practical mediations. I was so pleased with the workshop and how powerful it felt to do it in such a way. From now on when I visionboard  I will most definitely want to do it in the way that was presented in the workshop. Huge thank you to the wonderful ladies who hosted the workshop!!'

Tabitha Leitner,

2019 'Create your Life Vision Workshop' attendee.

This was great. The workshop contained the perfect / ideal balance of the practical with the meditation.

Peter Williams,

Sydney Australia and Create your life vision 2019 attendee

'Liz's practical side of the workshop helped me write down all loosely scattered thoughts and visions for this year and the future. It was good to be reminded of the importance of writing things down,talking positive about them and observing for the tips from the Universe, but also taking actions to manifest our visions'.

Joanna P,