A global company founded by

Liz Lions based on best life principles.

Dezzein International is a global company based in Sydney, Australia and built on best life principles. Liz Lions is the Founder and International Director and creator of the 3D Life Vision™ template and process. 

Our amazing contractors that have worked on this project have come from all over the world including the Australia, USA, Jakarta, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Canada, Jamaica, Macedonia and Bangladesh.

"After attending some international conferences and Life, Wealth and Business Mastery programs with some of the top speakers and minds in the world ....I thought there must be a simple way to take the broad framework of this information, that we never learnt in schools - and make it available to every person, globally." Liz Lions

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About Liz Lions

and Creating 3D Life Vision™

Liz Lions' personal experience and history have formed the foundations of the 3D Life Vision. With a background in education, elite athletics, counter-terrorism and other government organisations, Liz' broad scope of experiences have allowed her to maximise her skillset and help those around her.


Always an education enthusiast, she has attended multiple life, wealth and business mastery programs. After each workshop, she still felt that there wasn't a perfect roadmap or guide to help the everyday person.

This is when she conceived the original 3D Life Vision™  template. Her vision - a simple way to take the broad framework of the information and frameworks used by the elite and the successful, and make it easily available and useable to every person, globally.


She has been tailoring and trialling it ever since, and has also raised her children using the same principles. This has enabled her to draw in many amazing experiences into their lives, whilst managing and overcoming life's obstacles.

A trained teacher, over the last three years Liz has presented her concept  alongside with internationally acclaimed speaker, and worldwide best selling author of the Book ' The Answer' -  Professor Allan Pease; as well as to hundreds of local and international people in small workshop situations, online  and audiences up to audiences  1,300 people  including at JT Foxx's 'Money,Wealth and Business' event in South Africa. ​

A little more about Liz:

Originally from Canada, Liz has spent most of her life growing up in Sydney, Australia. 

Liz has used the techniques that she has combined into the 3D Life Vision™ template to improve her own life, and that she now teaches to others. This includes: 

  • Taking her career from being a schoolteacher to becoming a project manager of high profile projects such as for the Sydney Olympic Games, counter terrorism and emergency management, and even representing the Australian Government on international delegations to the USA, Canada and Singapore.

  • From living in a rented apartment' living off lots of noodles' to creating a small successful property and renovation portfolio - including renovating apartments that have achieved block records. 

  • Manifesting her travel dreams including taking her children on trips to the 3 great Australian icons, and around the world.

  • She is now the founder of the 'Create Your Best Life Sydney!!' Meetup and Dezzein International.  

  • Completed degrees in Teaching, Arts, Sports Management, International Relations and Project Management. 


In her own personal development she has undertaken over 7 years personal development training including the Anthony Robbins  Life, Business and Wealth Mastery programs,  JT Foxx's Mega Success event in Los Angeles as well as numerous training events by top Australian entrepreneurs. 

Liz is the daughter of Marianne and John Lions, and grand daughter of Elizabeth and Denys Hake, Wilga and Frank Lions. She has two children of her own, and design, travel and hanging out with family and friends  - preferably near the beach - are her passions. 

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