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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Get ready for 2022 a whole new unique way!

Let's face it - new year's resolutions don't really work or they might for a few minutes, hours, days or even weeks -and that's why the 3D Life Vision® was created ie to help you make real and long lasting changes to your life. By being able to view your life as a 'whole', you'll see your life in perspective and make more effective important decisions and priorities.

In 2021,. 2020 and 2019 respectively, Liz Lions has run 'Create Your Epic Life Vision' courses with special guests each year including Professor Allan Pease - the author and coauthor of over 27 million best selling books world wide. For this year (2022) she decided to do things a bit differently and has created the 'NO TIME NOT TO LIVE' campaign and 'Top Secret to you mission' - especially for you.

Agent 003' is the only '00' agent in the James Bond bond movies without an identity.

By undertaking the 'No Time Not to Live!' Top Secret to you mission, you will:

  • uncover discover the 'true and unmistakeable' identity of Agent 003 (ie you) and

  • create a map of where you want 003's life to head toward for each of the 12 aspects of Agent 003's (ie your) life.

Your 'Agent 003- Top Secret to You', 'No Time Not to Live!' Mission Papers are based on the original (00)3D Life Vision® template and are available at:

Good luck!!

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