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What's a 'best life' to you?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

We are all here for our own unique reason so there’s no point living your life just to impress others.

I once saw Andrew Ross Roberts, author of 'What the Hell are you Chasing?' speak at a conference. He challenged us all to really think about what we are chasing in our lives and why so many people in the western and developed world seem to be unhappier than their peers in third world countries.

The answer is, he said, was because we often have it all the wrong way around. We are too busy, too stressed, and too often 'chasing the money' but for what and why? Why are we sabotaging the key to life, that is love, happiness and contentment to slave for something we may not even be passionate about.

The 3D Life Vision™ template sets out all the broad aspects that make up your life. It then gives you the space to create what you want to visualise for each aspect of your life such as your values, your foundations ie health, relationships and home base, purpose, finances, spirituality and so on, and decide what’s important to you.

You are the only person that knows what you truly want out of life and we only get one shot. This is not a dress rehearsal.

So come design your life with us - and turn this life of yours into 'your best life'!

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