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How was the 3D Life Vision created? Check out the backstory of how it was created, then stolen.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Many people asked me how I created the 3D Life Vision® template.

You can find some of my backstories to creating it my public facing facebook page including stories about;

🌐 The Mel Gibson movie and Australian photographer Ken Duncan

🌐 Our 2013 World Trip and the Justin Bieber story

🌐 My Olympic and Paralympic Games Story Part 1 and Part 2 'How the headlines could've been slightly different and why all your need for the most important plans for your life are 3 pieces of paper, a pen and pencil and some sticky tape'.

🌐 And how this whole project came to be dedicated to the stolen generation.

plus some quotes I learned and events that happened along the way and more ..

Liz Lions

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