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What I learned about life from 92 year old George Ross, Trump's attorney and advisor of 47 years.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

What a huge huge privilege!

This week I got the opportunity to interview George Ross to find out about his most valuable lessons and what is most important to him. And I learnt a lot from the man who:

- is 92 years old

- lost his own dad at 16 and how that changed the course of his life

- been married for 68 years

- was the former attorney and independent advisor to Donald Trump for 47 years

- attorney in negotiation real estate including some of New York's most iconic buildings

- author of two best selling books with the second - ' Trump Style Negotiation' being translated into 17 different languages

- was one of the judges on the Television series 'The Apprentice' with over 20 million viewers

- has 2 children, 3 grand children and great children

- and has lived a very full and rich life.

Interview and more about this ...coming soon!!

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